Implant Bridges

If you are missing multiple teeth on your upper or lower jaws,

dental implant bridges may be the right choice for you. Drs. Resuta, Truan, Funt and Going are certified and experienced dental professionals who are able to install long-term restorative dental implants, bringing back your smile. Dental implant bridges use dental implants as support structures, and replace multiple missing teeth. Composed of surgical grade titanium, dental implants adhere securely to the jawbone, and help aid in preventing further tooth and root decay.

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Dentist watching a dental x-ray teeth with dental pivot on digital tablet.
Implant Bridges Illustration

Dental Implants

provide a firm, strong foundation for bridges which non-implant procedures simply cannot match. This allows you to replace multiple missing teeth and also permanently replaces the need for removable partial dentures. Long-lasting, durable implant bridges restore patients with the ability to eat, speak, and chew properly. Dental implants also help aid in preventing bone loss which commonly occurs when multiple teeth are lost.

For the overall health of your mouth, jawbone, and gums, dental implants and implant bridges are often the best choice to permanently replace multiple missing teeth.

Implant Bridges


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