General & Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta

What do your body and your car have in common? Both need regular maintenance in order to run properly!

When it comes to caring for yourself, it is important to do small things every day in order to ensure that everything is in working order. Each day, we are engaging in activities that recharge and maintain our bodies; these activities range from sleep to hydrating ourselves. One of the most important ways we can take care of ourselves is to engage in proper oral hygiene.

At Smile ATL in Atlanta, GA getting to the root of the problem (literally) can prevent major issues down the road. Preventative hygiene techniques can typically lead to better oral health overall. In turn, better oral health can prevent health problems that might affect other parts of the body, such as diabetes, infections and heart disease.

What can you do to keep good oral hygiene?

Regular brushing–at least twice a day and preferably after meals–is one of the major keys to good oral hygiene. By brushing regularly with a toothbrush best suited for your needs and a fluoride-based toothpaste, you can help ensure good dental health. It is important to remember to brush the tongue, roof of the mouth and insides of the cheeks as well. If you are unsure what kind of brush best suits you, be sure to ask your dentist; after all, every mouth is different.

However, brushing is not the only hygiene-based tool at your disposal. Flossing regularly means you are taking your dental health in your own hands (and around your fingers). In order to fill in the gaps that brushing might miss, it is imperative that you floss thoroughly at least once a day.

When your dentist can help with maintaining oral hygiene

While most hygienic and preventative therapy can be done at home, it is necessary to bring a professional in occasionally. Visiting Smile ATL in Atlanta, GA and having your teeth cleaned and examined by a dental hygienist and a dentist every six months can prevent major problems from occurring.

Like your vehicle, your mouth needs routine maintenance and check-ups. You can take care of most of this maintenance yourself, but it is important to remember that you are not alone in caring for your teeth. The doctor and staff at Smile ATL are here to help you and ensure your mouth is the healthiest it can be.