UnderArmour Sports Mouthguards

Your jaw is the key to unlocking the power you never knew was there.
When you clench your teeth (a natural part of humans’ “fight or flight” instinct), you trigger the release of performance-sapping hormones, like cortisol, and you reduce airflow through your throat. Strength, power and speed are all diminished, while lactic acid is increased. This ironic frailty prevents us from performing at our best—in many cases when we need to most. What’s more, it can even negatively impact health.

No one ever told you that your jaw could help you perform better.
That’s because no one knew. Hundreds of years ago, a few people were on to something. Ancient Greek athletes bit down on leather straps for an edge during competition. Viking and Roman warriors clamped down on bits of leather for focus on the battlefield. They knew something worked, but the concept itself never evolved. Until now.
One technology for every athlete.
ArmourBite®, the technology developed by Bite Tech, helps your body help itself by unlocking the power of the jaw. Now you can unleash your full potential and perform better across all sports:

  • Full Contact Sports: Football / Ice Hockey / Lacrosse / Boxing / Martial Arts / Wrestling / Field Hockey / Rugby
  • Limited Contact Sports: Basketball / Soccer / Baseball / Cycling / Gymnastics / Inline Skating / Skiing / Snowboarding / Volleyball / Softball
  • Non-contact Sports: Golf / Running / Swimming / Weight Lifting / Yoga / Pilates / Tennis / Bowling / Shooting / Training

Power Wedges make all the difference.
Whenever you train or compete, the natural reaction is to clench your jaw. It’s all part of the “fight or flight” hard-wiring in your brain. Multi-patented ArmourBite® Power Wedges™ are uniquely shaped to help maintain optimal spacing and counteract the negative effects of clenching.

ArmourBite® is engineered to help unlock your hidden power and potential.
ArmourBite®, the technology developed by Bite Tech, is an entirely new category of sports equipment. Now, athletes in any sport — from football to golf to running — can capitalize on innovative technology that makes you stronger, faster and better. Whether you want to improve your game or you need added protection in contact sports, Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ products give every athlete a competitive edge.

Built-in performance.
Patented Power Wedges (Custom ArmourBite® Mouthpiece shown) are the core component of all ArmourBite® products.

Open airways.
CAT scans showing a dramatic increase in the airway opening with ArmourBite® which results in improved breathing