Looking for Botox in Value Not Set, or even Sandy Springs and Brookhaven? Here at Value Not Set in Value Not Set, we’re excited to offer Botox treatments for our patients! Now the dentist you trust with your dental health is able to offer more cosmetic services.

Why Should I get Botox from My Dentist?

Let’s answer this question by looking at which care providers usually administer Botox today: plastic surgeons, medical estheticians, ophthalmologists, and even OB/GYNs, nurses and physicians’ assistants! Aside from plastic surgeons, not all of these practitioners are probably what came to mind when you thought of “where to get Botox.”

So why the dentist? Is it because they’re the smile experts?

Yes, and no. Dentists have a medical degree, but also have highly specialized training that studies the mouth and face in-depth. No other medical profession has the specialized and detailed knowledge of the face that dentistry does. In fact, there’s even a term for it, it’s called the “maxillofacial area,” basically the area of the face between the chin and forehead, and it happens to be the area most requested for Botox injections.

Dentists understand the maxillofacial area muscles better than any other medical professional, because so many of these muscles are involved in chewing and contribute to the structure and functionality of the teeth.

Most dentists today have years worth of experience with cosmetic work- so they understand the cosmetic needs of patients and how to treat them with specific services. Cosmetic work requires that a dentist understands the ideal face in detail, and how to recreate it.

So if you’re in the market for Botox injections in Value Not Set, know that you can trust Dr. Rozema at Value Not Set to give you the safest, most expert treatment available!

Botox- Not Just for Cosmetics

Botox is now making important applications in the treatment of many dental conditions. One common condition is TMJ syndrome, or Temporo-mandibular joint, where Botox injections help to relax the muscles that can provide pain and tension from excessive teeth grinding. Because teeth grinding is usually an unconscious action (making it difficult to treat), Botox acts on the muscles that connect with the jaw during the grinding action, making them unable to grind the teeth unconsciously.

Botox has been very successful at minimizing the pain and negative side affects of teeth grinding, but patients shouldn’t worry about side effects of Boox itself. The injections only work on the specific areas they have been injected to, and there is no possibility of the injections affecting other parts of the face.

Contact us right away if you’re suffering from facial pain due to TMJ! There are treatments available, including Botox, and no one should have to endure the constant pain associated with TMJ.

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